Saturday, April 16th, 2011

Friday Favorite Things

Today I thought I’d write about a few pretty, cool, clever, inspiring things that I wanted to share just for kicks…things worth reading, thinking about, looking at, and desiring.

First off: If you haven’t already heard, read, fallen in love with the new, outstanding memoir Blood, Bones, and Butter by Gabrielle Hamilton then get it and read it this weekend. Hamilton is the owner of the restaurant Prune in Manhattan (where I’ve had many lovely lingering lunches) and her story is a total ride, both emotionally and viscerally—starting with the descriptions of her family’s lamb roast parties and bottles of soda pop chilling in the brook, to the task of scraping together her little restaurant in the east village—it’s about food, family, survival and it’s amazing.

Next up: from this blog called Dandee which is written by a creative 30 year old mom with five kids (don’t I feel like a slacker!) who lives in the Pacific Northwest. For her recent birthday she came up with an idea to put together a care package containing 30 of her favorite things (see above) that she would send out to one lucky reader. This reminds me of a similar awesome idea that my sister-in-law Sue, who lives in Minneapolis, told me about: an artist version of a CSA (Community Sponsored Agriculture) sponsored by the Walker Museum. The popularity of food CSA programs that have sprouted up all around the country is well known (quick description if you need it: depending on where you live and what farm programs are in your vicinity, you sign up for a CSA and then every week pick up a package filled with seasonal fruits and vegetables (possibly 5 lbs of bok choy, possibly not); my uncle has been running a CSA program from his farm in Belgium for 30 years and he includes eggs, honey, milk, butter, yogurt, and even organic cookies in his package…he also delivers). For the Walker version, instead of food your crate contains original works of art, including textiles, prints, music, photography, even ceramics. It’s apparently been very successful and might be adopted elsewhere–wouldn’t it be great to find a combination food and art CSA where you live?

And if you made a care package of 30 favorite things what would be in it? Maybe I should make one with favorite food things?

Next up is this amazing dry goods pantry I found on the site Design * Sponge (if you haven’t checkout this site it’s a must).

The pantry comes from the owner/creator of a line of clothes called Emerson Made…what the heck are in all of those jars! Are they even labeled? Who cares, so cool.

And the latest edition of Canal House Cooking is out—Volume 6! With beautiful photograph and spring recipes galore…it’s a must as we head into vegetable season!

And lastly, from my favorite tableware company Heath Ceramics, they’ve released their latest seasonal collection of pottery and tableware for the summer…how lovely is this appetizer set? I want that in a care package.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

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  1. SMC says:

    Love this post! Just to clarify and to give credit to some very smart people for their brilliant idea to link local food and local art, the CSA(rt) program was started by a super-innovative organization called Springboard for the Arts ( They’re an economic development organization for artists in the upper Midwest. This program has been so successful, they’re now launching their 3rd round (in 12 mos) of shares locally and their CSA program for art is already being replicated in 12 other cities. Such a great idea and a great success story.

    Here’s an article with more info:

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