Monday, October 3rd, 2011

Sweet Potato Sunday Biscuits

Here is my new favorite sandwich: Warm homemade sweet potato biscuit, spit in half and filled with apricot and fig chutney, smoked ham, and a slice of sharp Grafton cheddar. I dare you to beat it!

Recipe for these lovely biscuits came from the wonderful Martha Foose cookbook Screen Doors and Sweet Tea which I tweaked a bit and will share shortly…

I made them Sunday morning (using an extra baked sweet potato from the night before–I always bake an extra to add to pancake or biscuit dough the next day) for a family lunch. I think Belle and Conor ate four each right out of the oven, before I even got to turn them into sandwiches. They are so simple and never ever disappoint.

5 Responses to Sweet Potato Sunday Biscuits

  1. I just had some Grafton Apple Smoked Cheddar… I wish I had some more to go over these guys! I think I’ll try this recipe but with some butternut squash that I have allready pureed.

  2. Good lord you’re killing me. Why can’t I eat that right now?

  3. Holy crap. I’m g-freeing these as soon as you share. WANT.

  4. Juan says:

    Ahh simple and quick, I love the idea. Especially if one could bake a whole batch of biscuits and then just reheat them as the need arises.

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