Tuesday, May 1st, 2012

Things I Like: Roasted Seaweed

A few weeks ago, my friend (and home cook savant) Sujin gave me a wonderful gift of roasted Korean seaweed, and ever since, I’ve been putting it on top of and around pretty much anything edible. From messy rolls stuffed with brown rice and whatever veggies are on hand, to flaking it on top of salads, using it in place of a tortilla for grilled fish tacos, and even snacking on them like they’re healthy potato chips.

For lunch the other day, I used it as a crunchy addition to a rice bowl that also contained leftover brown rice warmed up and sprinkled with rice wine vinegar (you can also use bulger, quinoa, any grain you like), chopped cilantro, ripe avocado, two over-easy eggs with salt and pepper, and a little miso mayo. I’m sure it turned my insides a technicolor shade of green (if I ever serve this at my fantasy lunch shop I will name it The Hulk Bowl!), but I think that’s a good thing. And the seaweed gave this protein-herb-veggie power lunch just the right mount of crunchy and salty umaminess that it needed. The brand of roasted seaweed (or laver) that my friend brought me was Haioreum, and you can find it at some Asian markets and I also found it HERE on Amazon. And if you come to my fantasy lunch shop I will also put some in your Hulk Bowl.

8 Responses to Things I Like: Roasted Seaweed

  1. Great idea for reusing leftover rice. I love the Trader Joe’s roasted seaweed and sesame snacks and these remind me of them (only probably more authentic). Did you make your own miso mayo?

  2. Karin says:

    i need to meet sujin.
    the hulk bowl sounds like some kind of wonderful.
    and not fantasy lunch shop, unrealized future lunch shop.

  3. Leah says:

    Have you tried the dried seaweed from Trader Joe’s? Wondering how it compares. Thanks and love your blog.

    • vanessita says:

      Looks so good. Your pictures and blog make me just smile and it has been much nedeed lately. I just wish that it would get a bit cooler so I could enjoy a soup….please!!! My fridge is up and running so I am back to baking mode. Ready to make my baby boy’s first birthday cupcake!! I love the fall…. oh and your blog :)

  4. Andrea says:

    Well, I will look for any excuse to eat eggs. Don’t ask why but I just love eggs in every form, and I think that is it not given enough attention for how versatile and helpful of an ingredients it really is. Eggs, you are loved! Even though we take you for granted.
    Thanks for this awesome dish! I am definitely going to try it! It looks exotic and fun to eat!
    You’re blog fascinates me!

  5. Robin says:

    I’ve had the kind from Tader Joe’s. My gosh that stuff is addictive. A little leftover rice with tahini, soy sauce and crumbled seaweed on top is what I eat when I’m on my own. Really good. However- I had forgotten about that little gem- so thanks for the reminder!

    • admin says:

      OK–clearly I need to get my hands on some Trader Joe’s seaweed ASAP.

      • Josh says:

        Louise, I love the color of your soup! The last couple of days have put me in Fall mood, and I am looikng forward to the bounty of the season.I always roast my pumpkin and squash for soup, but never tried roasting the onions. What a great idea, and a time-saver, too.I am spoiled from eating in season, fresh, natural apples in Serbia, and the big, perfect, glistening orbs do not appeal to me at all. Give something crispy, crunchy, juicy, a bit green, a bit red, and I am happy. Braeburn and Honeycrisp are my favorites.Great photos, as usual!

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