Wednesday, January 15th, 2014

Love from Cup of Jo

Skillet Lasagna-p128I just wanted to share a great shout-out for KEEPERS today on one of my all-time fave blogs—CUP OF JO. As part of a series on one-bowl/pot meals, Joanna has included a recipe for our super-simple, super-popular, Skillet Lasagna. Check it out HERE.

Although reading blog comments always comes with bit of trepidation, I love reading the comments we’ve already received for this recipe on the Cup of Jo site. Not a troll in the bunch, and you get a really good idea of what people like in a recipe and how a new dish fits into their everyday lives. It makes me feel pretty warm-and-fuzzy inside knowing that what we set out to do with the book—help people cook more and feel more confident and HAPPY in the kitchen—is actually happening. Yeah!

One Response to Love from Cup of Jo

  1. Karla says:

    We made this last night – it was so yummy! My three kids all loved it, and I loved that it was quick and easy – and very little clean up. Thanks so much!

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