Monday, September 2nd, 2013

Au Revoir To Summer Sandwich

P1280543 I’ve decided to celebrate this last unofficial day of summer by eating my face off–how about you? It’s raining here in New Jersey–a slow and steady drizzle with a soundtrack of distant rumbling–so what better way to say goodbye then by making yourself a deluxe lunch, reading everything you were supposed to have read at the beach/lake/pool, and watching a family flick. I was pretty excited to show the kids Rushmore for the first time…but then I checked the rating and it’s R! I don’t remember it being sexy and profane, do you? I guess it will have to wait a few years… But I do HIGHLY recommend a fantastic and heartbreaking documentary we watched the other night called Crash Reel, about the accident and recovery of snowboarder, Kevin Pearce. I’m not exaggerating when I say I cried through three-quarters of the film–it’s sad, inspiring, and more than a movie about a beautiful yet dangerous sport, it’s really a tribute to a truly exceptional family. You can on-demand it on HBO if you’ve splurged on more than basic-cable…you’re worth it.

And the last part of this rainy Labor Day equation is the eating. Which leads me to the  Au Revoir to Summer Sandwich, as seen above: Toasted multigrain bread (which you can swipe with some soft butter,a half a garlic clove, or a layer of soft goat cheese if you want this to be even more decadent), topped with avocado that’s smashed with a squeeze of lime, followed by leftover corn scraped from the cob, chopped heirloom tomatoes, and slivers of shallots. It’s important that after each layer you sprinkle a little salt and pepper, and then the whole thing should be showered with olive oil and vinegar of your choice (I used sherry).

It’s messy, so forget the napkin and just drape yourself in a large dish towel, letting the dog pick up what falls on the floor. Enjoy!

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