Monday, August 13th, 2012

Back From Vacationland!

HELLO! I have returned from two weeks of Maine-bliss and I really don’t think there’s a better destination for summer food than the midcoast region of Maine. I put it right up there with Provence and Tuscany. There, I said it.

While I gather my thoughts and photos to share, I wanted to let everyone know about a celebration going on at the PBS Food website (yes, the same PBS that has hooked you to Downton Abbey and Antique Roadshow also has a terrific food site) in honor of the great Julia Child.

Her birthday is on August 15th (she would have been 100!) and they are featuring a variety of terrific videos and content from their archives, as well as recipes, a quiz, and an opportunity for YOU to cook one of your favorite Julia’s recipes and share it on their site.

They also asked several food bloggers to contribute a tribute to Julia and I was asked to write one as well!

I wrote about a trip I took to Paris a few years ago with Belle and my mother that was very much guided by the life Julia lived in her beloved city…

We visited her favorite sites and for a week did our best to eat and live life to the fullest.

You can read it HERE if you’d like!

Enjoy all the Julia and stay tuned for my annual Maine food round-up where I will be sharing my thoughts on lobster consumption (when is too much, too much?), is it OK to eat your child’s pet sea urchin, how to go food shopping on summer vacation, meeting a Sea Goddess, my favorite meals for feeding a hungry household, and three amazing restaurant discoveries…



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