Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Beet It

I apologize for the bad pun today…I couldn’t help it. There’s this new book out called The Pun Also Rises and the author, a champion punster named John Pollack, was on NPR talking about the antics of wordplay (which has to be the very definition of an NPR segment, a guy chatting about the history of punning) and ever since I’ve been thinking in puns…albeit bad ones.

Anyways, I wanted to post a photo and recipe today from my good friend Maya, who loves food and eating as much as I do (she was with me on the day that Leslie and I discovered the true 30 Rock sandwich!). And some of you may recall the post I did awhile back about her husband’s amazing homemade pickles.

Now my favorite Brooklyn-based fam has taken picking to a whole new level with these gorgeous magenta-tinted eggs. I can’t wait to

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  1. Ertie says:

    I achieve these colored eggs by saving the juice from the jar of pickled beets that I just finished. I place a peeled hard boiled egg into the jar with the juice and let it set for a while. I can usually fit two to three eggs in a jar at one time depending on their size. I currently have three juice filled bottles in my refrigerator, for when I want to color the eggs.

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