Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

Fever Tree = Yummy Cocktails

P1280036I have been in love with Fever Tree tonic water for awhile now, but I don’t think I’ve given it a proper shout-out (and I swear this is not a paid endorsement!). If you love a refreshing tonic-based cocktail, but perhaps feel a bit guilty about the amount of sugar in the standard tonic (the same as any other soft drink), Fever Tree is a delicious alternative. Their “light” version is sweetened with fruit sugar, not artificial sweetener, but even their standard version lacks that overwhelming sweet-flavor, with a taste that’s clear and crisp, as if you picked it up from a local apothecary back in in 1902.

It is a bit expensive, but finding a bottle chilling in the back of my fridge on a hot night is priceless. Now that Memorial Day weekend (aka the unofficial beginning of summer, aka gin & tonic season) is upon us, I begin to hunt for it at fancy food shops and liquor stores. Tim has started to hoard it for me when ever he spots it because someone else in our environs is clearly a fan, picking the shelves dry…(who are you, mystery tonic lover??).

Besides a nice mixer for a cocktail, I also like to drink it virgin-style, mixed with a little cranberry and lime juice, or lemonade and mint leaves, or just a few slices of cucumber. It’s so refreshing…trust me, you’re worth it.

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