Saturday, May 14th, 2011

Food For Thought: Secret Weapons

I think everyone has an ingredient (or two, or three…) that they use all the time and rely upon to either enhance the flavor of a dish or just give it that extra something special. The most obvious ingredients in this category are salt, butter, and herbs. If something seems lacking in your sauce, stew, or salad dressing, most likely one of those three can fix it.

But I also have a few others which are not crazy or exotic (have you seen the price of fennel pollen?) but are always there in a pinch to make everything better. So, here’s my list of secret ingredients, starting with anchovies.

A food world darling to be sure, I love to stock them in my pantry (salt and oil packed) and put blend them in a quick

2 Responses to Food For Thought: Secret Weapons

  1. mominrome says:

    I see lots of Italian ingredients here!!!
    ah ah!

    Love this blog!!

  2. Carla says:

    Great post idea! I share a few of those secret ingredients as well. I will have to try doing breadcrumbs and putting them in the freezer. I always kick myself when I go ahead and buy breadcrumbs. Just something I need to get in the habit of I guess. One of my secret ingredients is coconut milk and coconut oil. I use both with Asian and Indian dishes, and coconut oil is wonderful made with popcorn.

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