Saturday, April 16th, 2011

Friday Favorite Things

Today I thought I’d write about a few pretty, cool, clever, inspiring things that I wanted to share just for kicks…things worth reading, thinking about, looking at, and desiring.

First off: If you haven’t already heard, read, fallen in love with the new, outstanding memoir Blood, Bones, and Butter by Gabrielle Hamilton then get it and read it this weekend. Hamilton is the owner of the restaurant Prune in Manhattan (where I’ve had many lovely lingering lunches) and her story is a total ride, both emotionally and viscerally

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  1. SMC says:

    Love this post! Just to clarify and to give credit to some very smart people for their brilliant idea to link local food and local art, the CSA(rt) program was started by a super-innovative organization called Springboard for the Arts ( They’re an economic development organization for artists in the upper Midwest. This program has been so successful, they’re now launching their 3rd round (in 12 mos) of shares locally and their CSA program for art is already being replicated in 12 other cities. Such a great idea and a great success story.

    Here’s an article with more info:

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