Monday, February 14th, 2011

Have A Heart

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you out there! Although I’ve been reminded by Conor’s progressives pre-school that this holiday has fallen prey to the tawdry commercialism that has gobbled up pretty much every other holiday (And so they will not be doing a valentine exchange; no Darth Vader “Will You Be Mine?” for you!), I can’t help but find this day to be endearing only because it can bring out the best, worst, and oddest behavior in both the lovestruck and the love weary.
Some examples:

-When I woke up this morning I discovered in the kitchen a red satin heart filled with chocolate bon bons. Conor asked me if I was going to share them (with him). When I said yes, he told me it might be best if he took the heart of chocolates upstairs and hid it in his room, for safe-keeping, so that nobody else (his sister) would eat them. I’m assuming there will be some left when I get home this evening.

-At 9:30am the Godiva store off of Times Square had a line out the door. One of the workers was frantically dipping enormous strawberries into melted chocolate like her life depended on it. But at that hour who were people buying chocolates for? Their boss? Assistant? Office paramour?

-When I got into work this morning the first person to wish me Valentine’s Day was Patrick, my mail guy. Thanks Patrick!

-I made vanilla and chocolate sugar cookies with Belle and Conor yesterday in the shape of hearts (see above). I tried to make pink icing (How come I can never manage to get the food dye to come out pink? Is there some kind of professional-grade food dye that I don’t know about that gives you more subtle shades of color?) but instead it came out a garish, unnatural shade of purple.

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