Friday, December 5th, 2014

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year…

P1050795So it’s that time of year…the one where you’re like “holy crap, everyone in my town already has their house bedecked with lights and their Christmas tree up and I still have a moldy pumpkin on my front steps.” Yes, the holidays are here. I’m just about starting to wrap my head around the imminent approach of Christmas, although truth be told, my brain is still lingering in Thanksgiving mode: When did the two holidays become so smooshed together? I mean, I’m still eating leftover cranberry sauce but I’m also supposed to be stocking-up on eggnog and covering the house in poinsettas…it’s crazy.

The one thing I do have a handle on is some of the sweet and tiny gifts I plan on getting for those I love. Like I do every year, I would love to share some of my gifty ideas with you. I’ll post a more extensive list next week, but one of the first things I’m ordering for sure are boxes of Dutch chocolate breakfast sprinkles for everyone’s stockings. Yes, you heard me—BREAKFAST sprinkles.

IMG_1992My Belgian-Dutch mother brought home a couple of boxes of sprinkles (see above) after a recent visit to the motherland and my kids went for bananas for them. I told them how their Dutch great-grandfather would eat them every morning for breakfast, sprinkled on top of warm buttered toast, and they promptly did the same. Is it the breakfast of champions? No, but who cares. Have oatmeal every other day and then save these for the weekend.

And lucky for you, you don’t have to fly to Amsterdam to pick up your own stash of chocolate sprinkles…you can order them HERE. And yes, they ARE different then the American variety of chocolate sprinkles/jimmies…they’re just better.

Stay tuned for more holiday gifting ideas, including my favorite cookbooks for you and yours! Have a great weekend (don’t forget to get rid of the moldy pumpkin).


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