Thursday, August 11th, 2011

Maine: Cool Stuff

Here are just a few food-related things I saw while in Maine that I just thought were groovy. Up top: this wall of spices, teas, and salts at a shop called Sweets & Meats in Rockland. I have written before about my not-so-secret fantasy to open the best sandwich shop/hang-out of all time, and this place came very close to my ideal: it was a grocery combined with a sandwich shop, coffee hang-out, general store. The sandwiches were made on the most delicious and fresh crusty bread, the fridge was stocked with Maine Root ginger ale, the counter was laden with pastries like coconut lime bars, and there was a room with wooden farm tables for sitting and eating. The wall of spices was my particular favorite though, down to the labels that looked like mini-blackboards.

Next is the tidy and simple way my halibut was wrapped by the guy at the Cod End

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