Saturday, October 15th, 2011

Price Check on Aisle 4

After my friend Maya posted this photo on Facebook of her little boy, I begged to post it here. Look at that face! I don’t think there are many things kids love more than a shopping cart ride. Conor and Belle still claw their way into the cart like their going over the wall at Sing Sing whenever we go to Shop Rite. Even if it means that their combined body mass leaves absolutely no room for the actual groceries. Belle will even fold up her legs like an origami praying mantis in an attempt to convince me that there’s “plenty of room!”.

And then there’s those car carts, do you know of what I speak? The ones with two additional kid seats made out of some kind of super heavy and inflexible industrial plastic that someone (who? who!?) thought would be brilliant to attach to the back of a shopping cart. Try to maneuver one around the produce section with two kids strapped in and a cart full of groceries and it’s like driving a doublewide without power steering. The last time I used one with Belle and Conor I literally almost had a nervous breakdown. We knocked over an old lady as I was trying to get around a display of discounted apple juice. Never again.

But that little bag of groceries up top, nestled between the Gorilla Munch and Trader Joe chips. Pretty priceless.

2 Responses to Price Check on Aisle 4

  1. Cindy says:

    The last time I used one of those car carts I was several months pregnant and it was hell. Never. Again.
    Love love love the photo!

  2. Julie says:

    Those car carts send me into therapy. My sons would either jump out while the vehicle was still moving, suck on the steering wheel, or crash into…everything. I like when my kids still jump into my cart, then I can keep an eye on them.

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