Saturday, August 29th, 2009

Snack Jars

I think every kitchen needs a snack jar or two.

I have a couple on our counter that I got from IKEA, which are usually filled with a variety of fruit leathers, energy bars, boxes of raisins, and the occasional bon-bon.
We also have a cookie jar (the enamel container to the left) that I’m not always disciplined about refilling, but I like to know is there.
You may think that this reachable cache of sweets is completely crazy in a household with kids. But actually, I like that they have access without needing to holler for me every time they want a blueberry granola bar (Belle has even gotten very good at taking care of her and her brother, since Conor can’t reach the snack jars yet), and I try not to put anything completely teeth-rottening in them.

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