Friday, April 13th, 2012

The Heartland

I just returned from spending a week in God’s Country: Visiting the Twin Cities in Minnesota for my mother-in-law’s 39th (70th) birthday celebration, followed by a road trip down the Mississippi and ending in Madison, Wisconsin, where my oldest BFF (a smartypants professor at the university) now lives with her family. I have lots of lovely food photos to share of things like gourmet fried cheese curds, latte art, falafel carts, fancy cocktails, Asian food courts, crepes stuffed with ramps, more cheese than you ever thought possible, and verdant countryside as far as the eye can see. I will post these soon!

Above is a photo of the waffles topped with berries and yogurt that I made for Easter brunch–impressive (for me) because they are the first successful batch of waffles I’ve ever made in my entire life and now I have a secret weapon for making the perfect waffle…I’ll share it with you tomorrow!


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  1. Todd says:

    Congrats on your first awesome waffles. I love the choice of berries and yogurt… I would eat berries every day if that were possible. Looking forward to the recipe!

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