Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

Things I Like: HOT-lanta!

This weekend I paid my first visit to the great, sprawling, hospitable city of Atlanta. The reason for my trip was that I was invited to speak at the Blogher Food Conference on a panel about food writing and picky kids (a shout out to Debbie Koening, creator of the great blog Words To Eat By, who was our moderator and recommended me for the panel, and also my fellow wonderful panelists: Jenny from Picky Palate and Cindy from Fix Me A Snack). I think conference summaries are as exciting as the yellow pages, so I will just say I met lots of lovely people, enjoyed yakking on about writing, and met a guy dressed like a giant tuna. My only concern is that so many burgeoning bloggers out there seem far more interested in learning how to “brand” themselves then they are about writing and creating fun and lively prose/anecdotes…this is kind of sad and annoying. Luckily for every brand wannabe, there’s a lively lady blogger with a great voice banging out a terrific site that I want to visit every day (more on those people below).

During the conference we also took an interesting field trip to the Sweet Auburn Curb Market where inside I discovered a meat wonderland (warning to all vegetarians: the following might be upsetting).

Here, pig and cow parts were stacked high