Saturday, January 7th, 2012

Things I Like: Instagram!

So I have a new obsession: the photo app Instagram. Do you know it? I finally got the app for my phone after several people insisted it’s the best thing ever, and they were right, it’s completely addictive. And free!

To use it you take one photo of a person, place, or thing with your phone of whatever you fine gorgeous, inspiring, delicious, odd, funny, whathaveyou. And then you have a selection of filters to change the the photo: you can make it appear like it was taken in 1977 or with a plastic camera or with a washed out tint or black and white. Once you’ve chosen your filter the pic goes on your feed for your other friends and followers to see or like. It’s basically like a visual Twitter. You see the photos of other people you’ve selected to follow (there are plenty of celebs and notable hipsters on there as well like Coco Rocha and Zooey Deschanel) and it seems everyone ups their game by taking really amazing and witty photos.

Above is a photo I took of a recent lunch I made of tomato soup (a recipe test for the cookbook) and grilled cheese. I used a filter that made the colors more saturated and also gave the image a frame.

If you’d like to follow me my tag name is devilandegg. I’ll follow you back!

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  1. Mike says:

    The power of a recommendation…while reading your entertaining blog, I finally downloaded instagram onto my phone. I have been meaning to do it for some time, Thanks!
    BTW, love your blog:)

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