Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

Things I Like: Kinfolk Dinner

Check out this film from Kinfolk Magazine about a recent dinner they hosted in Brooklyn.

Isn’t it lovely? In a dreamy Portlandia-hipster-stacks of white plates-candlelight-girls in messy buns-kind of way?

I would have loved to go to this–it reminds me of the Small Holding dinner Canal House hosted in a Bucks County barn last summer–but now I’m thinking I should use this as inspiration for a community dinner where I live. I have thought about it before, brainstorming with a friend of mine who would like to further support for a young farmer friend and his burgeoning CSA with a fund raising/awareness dinner.

Have you done anything like this? Would you like too? Where do I find a table that can seat 40? How can I master the perfect messy bun?