Friday, May 16th, 2014

Things I Like: Vessels, Jars, Containers

P1300340I kind of have a thing for kitchen storage containers. Part of my obsession is due to the fact that I don’t have a walk-in pantry, but I really REALLY wish that I did. The house I grew up in had TWO walk-in pantries and I have very happy memories of just walking inside and staring at stuff. Surrounded by jars, cans, and boxes of soups, flours, chocolate chips, etc. I could pretend I was working at the Olsen’s General Store on Little House in the Prairie (another obsession) and Mr. Olsen had put me (not Nellie, because she was a nasty piece of work) in charge of sundries. I know, this is an odd fixation to have, but there are worst things to be fixated on in your youth (fire, snakes, Rocky Horror Picture Show).

To compensate for my lack of a walk-in, I have an antique hutch from my mom and a cupboard that are both jammed to the gills. In an attempt to keep this situation from veering into to utter chao-with rumpled torn bags of ingredient-I collect all sorts of containers to fill. At flea markets and antique fairs I look for vintage Ball/Weck/Atlas jars, Pyrex containers and enamelware. Here are some of my favorite finds:





P1300357And my latest find is also enamel but not vintage:

P1300344I discovered these on the website for Brookfarm General Store, a dreamy shop in Brooklyn that also has an on-line store (HERE is a link). They are made in Austria with no BPAs, dishwasher safe, and just look groovy stacked on a counter. Although the fact that they’re not glass means you can’t immediately tell what’s inside, you can use a wax crayon to label the outside (it wipes off if you change the contents). Pretty, no?

So how do you like to store your sundries?

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