Thursday, October 25th, 2012

Week in the Life of Trying to Finish a Cookbook

I’ve had to face facts that when under a cookbook deadline, it’s almost impossible (unless you’re some kind of mental octopus), to maintain a food blog with any amount of frequency. It’s times likes these when I wish I had started a street fashion blog— rather than a cooking-related one— because then I’d just have to take photos of the moms at the bus stop for content, particularly those with a gift for mixing low and low-low fashion. Like one mom today who artfully combined a colorful clutch (child’s backpack) with a very on-trend sandal (dirty TOMS shoe with the big toe sticking out of a hole) and the perfect color-blocked statement piece (blue sweatpants). Oh, I’ve just described myself!

Writing a cookbook on top of the already CRAZY schedule that is autumn with school-age children (3 Halloween parades? Really?),  has not only effected my style and ability to shower with any regularity, it has also forced me to neglect the bloggy. If I cook at all anymore it’s basically to test a recipe (cooking the same dish for the 20th time), or throwing together a grilled swiss cheese and pesto sandwich (thank goodness for pesto, the one below is with swiss chard and it will be in the book!) and calling it a square meal

So until I have my life in order again, I’ll try to share periodic posts about what is happening in the kitchen when I’m not buried under a manuscript. I promise this is just temporary! In the meantime, send chocolate (booze) .

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