I’m a mom of two who happens to have a somewhat healthy obsession with cooking, eating, and noticing all things food. While not musing on how to recreate a perfect bar pie from scratch (that would be a thin crust pizza pie normally eaten while sitting at a bar, preferably with a cold beer) or what to do with an icicle radish, I’m usually chasing my children (possibly with an asparagus spear in hand) around the wilds of New Jersey, where I also live with my husband and grandma (yes, I live with my mother.). So why do I think you’ll care about what I have to say about food? Well, I’m a magazine editor (I’m a contributing editor at Glamour magazine but I’ve also been a senior editor at GQ and the food magazine Saveur) and writer who loves words and photos, so I hope to bring you only the very best in quality content. I also have absolutely no shame and I’ll do my best to be as honest about the disasters at the stove, as I am about the triumphs. And oh yeah, I love to cook for my family and friends, but I don’t think this activity should ever be a source of stress or confusion. Feeding yourself and those you love should make you happy. My hope is to create a witty and fun food blog where we can all enjoy the world of good food and meals together. No attitude! No stress! I hope you’ll join me and share your own adventures in the kitchen!