Monday, December 20th, 2010

Coming Soon… I Promise!

Apologies for having been missing of late. It’s not that I’ve been lazy. Or bathing in nog. Or drowning in finger food (although if I eat one more holiday party pig ‘n a blanket I might need to go to hors d’oeuvres rehab).
So what I’ve been up to then?
Well I’ve been getting ready to launch the brand-spanking-new devil and egg website!
I’m very excited to show it to you and hope to launch it next week so I can bring you new posts, holiday cheer, and a heavy dose of gingerbread, fried oysters, spiked punch, and Christmas sandwiches. Yes, Christmas sandwiches!
In the meantime, as we get things ready on this end, I wanted to share the latest creation from artist Christopher Niemann.

You may have seen his brilliant love letter to NYC using Legos, now he’s using sugar cookie dough to hilarious effect. I wonder if he actually baked any of those cookies?

I love how his mind works, and now I will be looking at our sugar cookie-making in an entirely new way. So enjoy all off his dough creations and stay tuned for the new devil and egg…

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