Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

How to Sprinkle Your Cupcake

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I was going through some old photos in an attempt to possibly organize some of my favorite food pics into a photo reference book, when I found the picture (up top) of Conor. I think he was just under age 2 at the time. I love finding beautiful old photos that I’ve forgotten about in the laptop archives. The discovery also made me realize how cupcakes are so woven into our collective childhoods. They are like the ultimate birthday-party-photo-bombers.  I recently took photos of some vanilla cupcakes (using the recipe from Ad Hoc: At Home…it never fails) I made for Belle’s classroom birthday party, because I wanted to share my new, not-so-revolutionary, decorating technique, that nonetheless seemed to make everybody’s day:

I used the tiny-ball sprinkles (rather than the traditional jimmy-shaped kind) and, rather than use my fingers to place a few on top of each cupcake, I turned the cupcake upside down and dunked it directly into the sprinkle container. This allowed the entire surface of frosting to turn into a thick, pebbly, rainbow carpet (it also means you will quickly use up all of your sprinkles so get at least two containers for a dozen cupcakes).
P1280948I think they were the prettiest cupcakes I’ve ever made. Do you have a go-to cupcake decorating technique?

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