Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013

Love Your Local Farmer

October MSL CoverIf you check out the October issue of Martha Stewart Living (NOT the “special” Halloween edition with Martha on the cover costumed like Glinda the Good Witch, but the regular monthly issue, see above), you’ll find an article written by yours truly about Ralston Farm–my CSA farm in Mendham, NJ. The piece appears in the “How They Live” section and I wrote it about a harvest picnic that my family and the other CSA members participated in to celebrate the last harvest of the year. Everyone made something from their “share”, creating an eclectic potluck that included a curry, a challah, and sweet potato beer. For those of you wondering how a piece about an October harvest picnic appears in time for the October issue, I actually reported the story LAST October, on the day before Hurricane Sandy hit our area (if you look closely at the photos you can see an ominous gray tinge in the sky).116R_Howtheylive_L1013GLVEFR-1It’s kind of a miracle the picnic and the story happened at all, but I’m so glad we squeaked it in (and major fingers crossed that we don’t experience another Sandy this year!).

So if you’re the member of a CSA why don’t you consider celebrating the end of the season as well! It’s a great way to really meet other members (who may normally only brush by you as they reach for the mustard greens) and also you get to “show-off” your potluck cooking skills. I highly recommend someone making sweet potato beer as well.

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