Friday, February 21st, 2014

More Food For Thought: Eggs, Riri, Bad Bread, and More!

boiled-egg-8minHere is my list of items from the interweb this week that I thought were interesting, funny, helpful, beautiful and just so-random-that-I had-to-include. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

A very cool visual from on how to boil eggs and corresponding recipes from ramen to deviled:
Bon Appetit Egg Guide


Riri-1Rihanna (handle @badgirlriri) celebrating her birthday on Instagram with cakes galore!


Samantha Bee–arguably the funniest and coolest celebrity mom out there–shares her week of food and cooking (I love her even more now):
Samantha Bee’s Grub Street Diet


Jessica-Murnane-Vegan-Cookies@2xMy healthy-eating blogger-friend, Jessica Murnane, has a dairy/gluten/sugar-free cookie cookbook out (and guess who contributed a recipe for Almond Butter Buckeyes?)
You can order it here!


7_5_11_fourtwentyblackbird574-248x372I have shared my love with Todd Selby’s work before, and his super-fun and beautiful book Edible Selby—this photo-essay of Brooklyn pie-bakery Four and Twenty Blackbirds is one of his best (it also makes me miss summer so much):
Edible Selby Visits Four and Twenty Blackbirds


This is completely not-food related (although I would totally wear this to a dressy lunch in Milan if someone asked me, and then I could pretend to be Tilda Swinton in THIS movie), but THIS was my favorite fashion week outfit (if money was no object):


Always hilarious Jon Stewart takes on the report that Subway’s bread has the same ingredients as a yoga mat:
Jon Stewart on Toxic Bread

And last but not least…KEEPERS is being offered as a pledge drive gift by NPR radio-station WNYC! So if you’re a fan and listener like myself, and have been thinking of donating, why not get a free-copy of KEEPERS while you’re at it!

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