Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

Things I Like: Kinfolk Dinner

Check out this film from Kinfolk Magazine about a recent dinner they hosted in Brooklyn.

Isn’t it lovely? In a dreamy Portlandia-hipster-stacks of white plates-candlelight-girls in messy buns-kind of way?

I would have loved to go to this–it reminds me of the Small Holding dinner Canal House hosted in a Bucks County barn last summer–but now I’m thinking I should use this as inspiration for a community dinner where I live. I have thought about it before, brainstorming with a friend of mine who would like to further support for a young farmer friend and his burgeoning CSA with a fund raising/awareness dinner.

Have you done anything like this? Would you like too? Where do I find a table that can seat 40? How can I master the perfect messy bun?

3 Responses to Things I Like: Kinfolk Dinner

  1. Kirby says:

    Hi Caroline! Popping in from Google Reader to say I really enjoy your blog, and this dinner looks amazing! As a Bucks County girl I often dream of such a dinner. (And I still haven’t made that roast chicken, but I did look back to your oven fire incident – oh my! Glad everyone is ok!)

  2. Susan says:

    Here are a couple of MN versions that have been going on since 2008 (?) –matching up local chefs and local-ish farms for community dinners: and a different version (same folks)

  3. alan says:

    have had giant table get togethers in 2003 in caborca mexico at my girlfriend ranch at the time. must have been 200 people with giant wood tables the real deal and roasting some cows.

    nice web site best wishes

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