Thursday, July 16th, 2015

Things I Like: Oreo Cookie Cones!


Most of you know that I rarely endorse products, and I NEVER do product placements, so if I feature something on the bloggy it means I really like it…


I stumbled upon these Oreo Cookie ice cream cones at the supermarket and in a flash they were in my cart. Although I’m not normally a sucker for brand-name, sugary treats, this is the time of the year where all bets are off, in terms of normal food choices. The weakening of the parental resolve, combined with a looser schedule and more time spent near a body of water (I’m not sure why that last part matters, but just go with me…), means all kinds of normally banned substances are being regularly consumed by my children. As a friend of mine said recently, once school’s out, her kids are on the “summer diet”: Organic/healthful/balanced/regular meals are replaced with a menu largely supplied by the snack bar at the town swimming pool. Yes, our farmer’s market and CSA may provide vegetables and fruit galore, but intermixed with that are regular appearances by things like cheese fries, sno cones, and funnel cake.

My family’s personal summer weakness is ice cream, which we eat unapologetically on pretty much a daily basis come July and August; whether it be from the stocked freezer, the neighborhood ice cream parlor, any passing ice cream truck we flag down, and of course, the town pool snack bar Good Humor menu. But at home, it’s kind of a thrill to put ice cream in a cone, and this is where the Oreo cone has been a welcome addition. I mean, what’s not to like about a scoop of mint chip surrounded by a crunchy cookie cone?

Next up for enjoying with ice cream is this crazy easy recipe for homemade Magic Shell, on the FOOD 52 site…you can find it HERE.