Paris 5: Au Revoir

This will be my last post about my food travels to Paris–sigh.

But I have saved some of the best for last: dinner!
Although we kept our daily itinerary very unplanned and unstructured, when it came to our evening meal, I left nothing to chance. I had my mother and daughter gussied up and marching out the hotel lobby every night at 7:50 to make our 8 o’clock dinner reservation.None of our evening destination were multi-Michelin toque places (it is a recession, and I did have a dining companion who could potentially scribble on the wine list) but they were all wondefrully fine bistros in the traditional Parisian style:
La Fontaine de Mars in the 7th:Chez Georges in the 2nd:
The famed stalwart Brasserie Lipp in the 6th:
And the cool intellectual hangout and souffle specialist Le Cigale Recamier:
We’re talking beautiful gingham linens, silver sauce boats filled with thick sunflower-yellow bernaise or woodsy morel sauce, little dogs running under the table, handwritten menus, and wily waiters.

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